Day Trading Binary Options Basics

Binary options trading is aimed at simplifying the decisions for trading and making them as straight forward as possible.  The decisions you need to make are as follows:

  • What time frame do I want to trade?
  • Will it go up or will it go down?

Hence the term binary. (UP or DOWN)  This is an amazing concept in trading.  When I first saw this I was blown away.   It is genius for converting everything to its most simple form.

The internet has really enabled this sort of trading to be implemented and put into the hands of the public.  The platform that you trade on is as important as anything.  The platform and the broker is as important as the concept itself.  Poor implementation means poor results.  Simple as that.

The merchants or broker that will route your trade via their house making sure it gets to market quickly is high value.  The importance of a platform that is simple to navigate and responds as needed is a priority. When you whether it’s binary options or any options for that matter.  You are trading real equities and assets.  Even though it is almost hidden from you.  Yes, you can become detached from the actual underlying asset.  It is important to know what you are trading and stay in touch.

  • What is the hiddening asset being traded? This might be a series of products such as moneys, stocks, commodities or indices.
  • Expiry life: these are predetermined by the trader.  Its a time when a position is predestined to expire. The expiry date and time might be the end of the hr, by day’s end, the end of the week or end of the month.  Usually Binary options are set to expire in short time frames.  The whole investing strategy is aimed at getting in quickly and exiting in short order for a profit.
  • There are really two positions you can take, a put or a call.  The put is backing the asset to go UP.  The PUT is backing the asset to DOWN.  A CALL is backing that the asset will go UP.  Binary options trading makes all this really simple.  Usually the trading platforms will say UP and DOWN for those investments.  How cool is that.  They actually call it what it is.  If you pick right you win.  If you get it wrong you lose.

These elements make professional binary trading flexible and dynamic as a trading mechanism. Binary options as an alternative investing strategy gives the customer  a great deal of command and control of an asset moving to change position quickly and make decisions in much shorter time horizons with the arranged termination time. An identified trend can be quickly acted on.  The brokers platform you choose takes care of exchange details, traders recognize their potential gain or loss real time.  Its simply a matter of standing by to see the motion of the options under management.  No need to sit there worrying for months perhaps.

Binary options trading can be done from anywhere in the world where you can get a good reasonably fast internet connection. Being totally online is advised for those who pick  investing in binary options. This means that where ever you have your computer, or for that matter even your smart phone, you can be trading.  Many software programs or platforms do not call for any downloads. Many can be self-explanatory and reasonably easy to make use of, this is strongly supported by many online merchants. The reason is that if the platform is not easy to use, then it defeats the objective of the instrument that is binary options.  The whole idea of binary options, is to make it so simple to trade anyone can do it.  The user interface should provide a large range of underlying asset classes that are supplied as options for trade. The goal of the product you choose should be total satisfaction of you the investors, the most innovative, secure and easy to use generally win the day in this space.  If things do not work well and the system is not effective, the customer will be lost.  So there is much pressure on the provider of these systems to make sure the trader is getting a streamlined and simplified trading experience.

Of course binary options can appear very appealing and look simple but please review these points

  1. The astute investor understands the threats involved in any investing.  It is inherently a risky pursuit. If the risk is managed and understood the investor should, even if their position ends “out-of-the-money”; needs to practice money management, ensuring that only ever a small proportion of their financial investment amount is at risk.  Money management is one of the most important aspects of managing risk.
  2. The binary choice investor does not need a deep knowledge of the trading field and just needs to recognize the directions and dynamics of the underlying asset. Understanding what is a significant move and what may signal a reversal are all part of the skill.  The simplification and understanding of the dynamics is what can make this investing mode one of the most pure.
  3. A strong and continuous rise or fall in the the asset can deliver strong gains in this trading class.  It can also deliver strong loss to those that do not identify a reversal.
  4. The flexible in nature that can see trends and understand the dynamics can do well.  Choosing the expiration time and direction of asset based on close observation of the market moves and being independent of too much emotion is critical.  Emotion will drive the human being to make often poor choices.  If not this time then the next. Believing that there will be move or reversal and becoming over committed with no rational is the undoing of many traders.

The different kinds of binary choices

Binary trading platforms also generally offer some more controls to the trade, allowing factors besides rate and termination date. There can also of course be conditional scenarios which allow the binary option to be either confirmed or revoked. The trader sets the default payment quantity for the validation of his or her theory. This can put the following added management strategies around the binary choice: If the asset falls below the investors predefined point the system triggers a procedures allowing for exits, reversals or in some systems increasing or decreasing the position value, depending on how the trader configures the system and what facility is available.  This of course can get fairly complex and nuanced.  But, also pretty exciting for the more experienced that is trading on a more sophisticated platform.  There are some platforms that even allow full on programming to run the whole trade scenario with little or no human interventions.  This is of course more advanced and needs to be covered in future articles.

In this option the operator defines the condition that if a money does not get to a specified target before a particular exit date; which could earn a profit. The investor makes two targets and aims to obtain advantages if any one of them is hit. This kind of method is typically utilized when the trading weather is choppy and is seemingly unpredictable of the trader is not knowledgeable about the odds of a clear direction of motion. The second model is more suitable to a market that is less volatile.

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